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Yeokjeon-ui myeongsu (2005)Yeokjeon-ui myeongsu (2005)
iMDB Rating: 6.1

Date Released : 15 April 2005

Genre : Comedy, Crime

Stars : Sang-hun Choi, Jun-ho Jeong, Hye-na Kim, Mae-ri Lee." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Review :

Twins will make a comedy double-messed!!

The movie title is another semantic joke using Korean homonym words. Yeokjeon means either "reversal" or "frontyard of railway station" while myeongsu either "master" or one of most common male name in Korea. Thus the title literally demonstrates "the maestro of fortune-reversing" but in fact, its actual title should be "A man called Myrongsu who survives on the tough street near railway station".

The hero, Myeongsu, is a lunch-delivery boy at the station of small Korean town where various low-life figures such as prostitutes and gangsters are fooling around. His twin brother, Hyeonsu, is a well-educated, high-paid lawyer who has a moral problem under the highly competitive plutocracy of Korea. The plot is like this: Hyeonsu's victim, his ex-girl friend, utilizes Myeongsu as his body-double and takes revenge for the collapse of her family by Hyeonsu's subpoena. It is on the duel between twin brothers and on the misdemeanors of high-class society in Korea. In sum, its setting is no more than a comic dough of Cronenberg's dead ringer without any seriousness.

However, let it be a comedy dealing with the nonsense made by twin brothers, what lacks in this movie is just one- the motivation of heroes' behaviors. Why Myeongsu took a low-life job and join the plan of screwing his twin brother? Why Hyeonsu became wicked and made his girl-friend so revengeful? Should a comedy neglect any acknowledgeable plot just in order to make the audiences burst into a cheap and stupid laugh? I don't think so. Total abuse of good talents both of actors and of the director. A must-to-garbage can!!

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