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Triggermen (2002)Triggermen (2002)
iMDB Rating: 5.8

Date Released : 16 May 2003

Genre : Crime, Comedy

Stars : Pete Postlethwaite, Neil Morrissey, Bill MacDonald, James Collins

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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One of two deadly hired kilers switches places with one of a duo of conmen in order to pursue love.

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Review :

The wrong mafiosi

John Bradshaw's "Triggermen" deserved a bigger audience. Judging by the comments submitted to this forum, it must have been a film that went directly to DVD, because obviously it was abandoned to its fate by the distributors. Mr. Bradshaw shows he can produce films that keep the viewer entertained and because he gets good performances from his cast. The film was written by Tony Johnson.

The main interest for watching "Triggermen" was to see Adrian Dunbar and Neil Morressey, who are excellent actors. They play a pair of English low lives who have come to Chicago in search of easy schemes, but they haven't been lucky. That is, until Pete, stumbles upon an case that contains money and a photograph of someone who has to be eliminated. His solution is to take advantage of the situation, move with Andy from the seedy place they are staying into the posh hotel that has been reserved for the would be killer.

This pair gets much more than what they bargained for. Little do they know they have double crossed the real pair of executioners. The film is a comedy of errors that delivers a lot because of the mistaken identities. Since one knows who is who, there is no suspense because one realizes where the film is going.

Pete Postlewaite, one of the best English character actors, appears as the retiring mafia don, Ben Cutler, who is staying in the hotel with his lovely daughter. Claire Forlini is a gorgeous woman to look at, and as Emma, the daughter, she becomes the object of love for one of the real assassins, Terry, who falls in love with her. These other duo, played by Donnie Wahlberg and Michael Rapaport, are good in most of their scenes together.

Let's hope John Bradshaw will be back soon with another film where he will be recognized for his obvious talent.

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