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Street Knight (1993)Street Knight (1993)
iMDB Rating: 4.5

Date Released : 12 March 1993

Genre : Action, Drama, Crime

Stars : Jeff Speakman, Christopher Neame, Lewis Van Bergen, Jennifer Gatti

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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A former cop returns to challenge a plot to escalate gang violence in the streets of Los Angeles.

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Review :

Fairly forgettable

One of those movies where the hero is a noble white man trapped between two rival gangs on the eve of war. Here Speakman's been hired to find a kid just as the local African-American and Hispanic gangs are getting ready to kill each other. In fact, the kid's in hiding ever since he inadvertently discovered that the upcoming gang war is being fomented by evil white guys looking to knock over a jewelry store. Fifty years ago it would've been a B-Western with Neville Brand, maybe, and Apaches and Homesteaders.

Speakman's not a bad actor, although he's not especially charismatic and tends to feel more workmanlike than anything else. The fight scenes are good and a bit more extended than is common for this era, although I could've stood more fighting more generally. The plot doesn't make a lick of sense (why foment a gang war? Why not just rob the jewelry store?) and the lead bad guy's a bit, uh, flamboyant. Not especially bad, just pretty much forgettable.

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