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A Sharp Pencil (2001)A Sharp Pencil (2001)
iMDB Rating: 4.6

Date Released : 14 September 2001

Genre : Crime, Drama

Stars : Mark Richmond, Beatrice Chia, Kay Tong Lim, Edmund Chen." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

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Get out the eraser

Director Gallen Mei was quoted in the Singapore Straits Times as wanting his film to appeal to the "hip crowd". Maybe it has something to do with Singapore, but if this movie is hip, i'd hate to see what the nerd crowd is like. This film is jaw-droppingly bad, from the inane script full of fartsy cliches to a completely laughable plot.

Our two heroes are a rich good-looking 20-something guy who is bored and his pretty young female counterpart who is also bored. The two deal with their boredom by committing petty crimes like spray-painting rolls royce's and stealing dresses from clothing stores. They meet and fall in love (is that what happened between them?), each drawn to the other's "rebel" nature. And in Bonnie & Clyde fashion, they decide to pull off one last "rush" (their most daring yet) before moving to the Bahamas to have their baby.

This movie tries desperately to be cool, and like the awkward kid who buys the hippest clothes and uses the latest catch-phrases, its attempts at coolness just shine a spotlight on how ultimately uncool it is. Never are we convinced that the main character is either the son of a wealthy and important man, nor that he is a wild relentless rebel in search of adventure. Their escalation of crimes is a joke, going from stealing a coke in a 7-11, immediately to robbing a bank. Though he has his reasons, when he suggests that for their next crime they kidnap a government minister, the gal's response is something like, "interesting,... well, ok, why not?" The plot was rather ridiculous, but it was the dialogue that had numerous people in the cinema laughing at its corniness.

The newspapers in Singapore reported that the film had a homosexual theme, but really all it has is a psychotic homicidal gay character, so once again a Singaporean film portrays its gay characters as psychos.

Amazingly, the Singapore censorship board found reason to cut out a scene from the film that involved a run-in with the law and god only knows how that scene could have been so offensive as to require removal, but this is probably the only time that I've been happy that they cut something out of a movie, if for no other reason than that it shortened the film's length.

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