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Rules (2001)Rules (2001)
Date Released : 25 March 2003

Genre : Drama, Family, Crime

Stars : Andrew Hamrick, Juan Enrique Martinez, Susan Matus, Miguel Parga. "Rules" is about the fine line one walks between family and friends and the problems and decisions one should never have to face or make." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Between family and friends, some rules should never be broken. An ordinary Saturday for Tito Gonzalez turns into a day the will change the lives of himself and his best friend, Eddie, forever. A talk with his cousin alerts Tito that he's been double crossed, and after going to Eddie for help, the two uncover the startling truth which forces Tito into the biggest decision of his life. Love, hate, betrayal, despair and revenge lead to a film featuring a "clever ending" with "good tension through the end" (Michael Trent, "Dances with Films").

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Review :

Was this a class project?

Bad dialogue, bad sound, bad acting, and bad filming made me stop watching this movie before it was over. And it takes a lot for me to quit watching a film before the end. Typically, I love low budget, independent films. I love different voices. Anything unusual is good.

This film? Listening to the dialogue is like listening to the director reading a rough draft of the script in his bathroom while the shower is running. Exposition, exposition, exposition -- all nearly drowned out by the sound of rushing water. The flick might appeal to young people who don't know any better, as that seems to be the people who made the film.

Being an extremely grainy black and white movie with bad acting, the movie is begging to be compared with "Clerks". But "Clerks", despite its flaws, had some promising writing and interesting ideas. This film? Ugh.

Avoid it.

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