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The Road Killers (1994)The Road Killers (1994)
iMDB Rating: 4.7

Date Released : 7 May 1994

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Stars : Christopher Lambert, Craig Sheffer, David Arquette, Josh Brolin

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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After a young boy is almost runover by a maniac on a highway, a re-encounter and confrontation by the boy's father with the driver sets off conflicts with a carful of maniacs.

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I'm glad this rubbish is quite hard to find even with its good cast and plenty of reasons to be more accessible. Thankfully it's not, and if someone is hiding this mess from viewers is because this movie is THAT awful. Too bad I've found it (terrible image quality I must say).

"The Road Killers" is a stupid idea designed from stupid minds who think only stupid people would watch it. The problem was that they cast interesting actors to make us hooked in it, so they end up grabbing well intentioned viewers who endure this tasteless junk. Stupid people will enjoy this big time, of course, they don't watch a movie with their brains turned on. Those will enjoy it. What's the movie's goal? To present good yet hot tempered folks who out of their stupidity decide to risk their lives for "honorable acts" like revenging the son who almost got hit by a car conducted by bunch of jerks. That's what Christopher McDonald father does when poor kid Joseph Gordon-Levitt miraculously escapes from being run over by Craig Sheffer and his crazy family formed by Adrienne Shelly, Josh Brolin and David Arquette, a sort of like Manson family of the roads. So, father goes on a pointless and dull chase against the idiots, dies in a horrible way (the turning point of the movie when you realize it's all downhill from here) and indirectly causes the kidnap of Christopher Lambert's family along with them. I won't bother going in telling you that Highlander will play the hero and try to save everybody while meeting other problems in the way such as stupid sheriff (Michael Greene) and another psycho. Oops I already did, sorry.

There's no redeeming value, no entertainment value, no values at all. It's just an incoherent and violent driven flick with poor lines, bad editing, and clichéd moments. All the characters seem to have a severe case of bad memory where they repeat themselves time and time again. I won't blame much on the actors because they somehow manage to be enjoyable at times, they convince a little, but not enough to make you deeply connected. I didn't find myself thrilled by the action presented, I just felt completely terrorized into see how ridiculous this was. Best case scenario: well, it's useful to show how good folks can turn into the most idiotic when they act by impulse, trying to mess with people they don't know. That's the only worthy lesson from here, but I think you can find similar in better pictures out there.

I hope that in the years to come someone from the cast apologize for being part of this. I hope they'll say: "It was a terrible movie, an even worst shooting, very problematic but I needed the money. It helped with my problems, it saved a family member from dying due to sickness. It paid all the hospital bills". Then, I might forgive just a little all the pain I went through while watching this. In the meantime, stay away from this wreck. 2/10

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