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The Parole Officer (2001)The Parole Officer (2001)
iMDB Rating: 6.2

Date Released : 10 August 2001

Genre : Comedy, Crime

Stars : Steve Coogan, Lena Headey, Emma Gilmour, Susan Jane Tanner

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Failed parole officer Simon Garden (Coogan) is framed for a murder committed by one of Manchester's leading police constables. The only evidence proving his innocence is a CCTV video tape locked inside a bank vault. With the help of four inept ex-criminals and token love interest Emma (Lena Headey), Garden must break into the bank and steal the CCTV footage in order to clear his name.

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Review :

Wonderfully underrated romp

After mediocre initial reviews, this film could become a cult classic.

It's a 'perfect crime' comedy with hints of 'A Fish called Wanda', and different people will take different things from it. There's high-level slapstick, satire/parody and a lot of Steveish in-humour for die-hard Coogan fans.

The entire plot is unbelievable to a farcical extreme, and every character other than Simon Garden suffers from a lack of depth, but then this was always going to be a Coogan vehicle (Rover 75 V6 with Walnut dash, perhaps) and he makes the transition to big screen star successfully, if reluctantly.

I suspect that as Coogan matures as an actor and relaxes into mainstream life, the Parole Officer's reputation will retroactively improve and in ten years time, this will be seen as a classic British comedy.

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