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The Last Drop (2006)The Last Drop (2006)
iMDB Rating: 4.7

Date Released : 23 May 2006

Genre : Action, Adventure, Crime, War

Stars : Laurence Fox, Louis Dempsey, Lucy Gaskell, Coral Beed

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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In a daring attempt to end the war by Christmas, Winston Churchill and the British High Command hatch an extraordinary plan - Operation Market Garden. 35,000 British troops are dropped behind enemy lines in German occupied Holland. In the midst of the largest airborne invasion in history, one small unit of men, codename "Matchbox" has it's own agenda. When Matchbox are shot down short of their landing zone, the odds of their success seem hopeless. Seven very different British soldiers find themselves separated from the Allied invasion, on a collision course with three renegade German soldiers who also want to lay claim to the horde.

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A Good Enjoyable Movie

I have just seen "The Last Drop" and thoroughly enjoyed the Movie. For start to finish the action was very good.I found the Plot interesting but could I feel be confusing for certain people. Whilst it was loosely based on actual events the scenario was believable and could have actually happened with spoils of war programs now being topical. I also feel the movie broke new ground in giving the aspects of the Germans. I have not doubt there are many good stories from the German perspective about the war. Laurence Fox as Major Kessler played a very good role and not doubt we shall be seeing him in many good movies in the future.I found it good to has some humor injected into the script which helped the movie to flow smoothly. The computer graphics were good and reasonably realistic. Overall the film attempted and I feel succeeded to cover all aspects of the plot. The props, vehicles etc were believable. So if you feel like a good evenings entertainment's I recommend this film.

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