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Ji fat faan fat (2001)Ji fat faan fat (2001)
iMDB Rating: 6.9

Date Released : 1 March 2001

Genre : Crime, Action

Stars : Eric Tsang, Daniel Wu, Suki Kwan, Shu Tong Wong." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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The undercover cop game,HK style.

This is different then the usual undercover cop movie.The main character starts off as a normal HK cop working the beat until he decides to follow a suspicious character into a cafe, the guy who they are following freaks and a gun fight ensues resulting in a lot of bloodshed. The guy who they were following was a nobody in the eyes of the triads and gets away due to the fact that the main character is in shock to see what he has just done. He hates his salary as a patrol man and can't even afford to take his girlfriend out to dinner,he becomes involved with a triad boss and is given the choice to go undercover. Now this is where it is different instead of the viewer being forced to view the cliched bring the bad guys down and take them to justice, the viewer gets to see a man fly high and not want to come down. During the film we often bump in to the crook he chased into the cafe at the beginning of the movie he screws him over every time which effects him seriously at the end of the film( I won't spoil). There are many fresh situations that are new and creative for example when the main character first gets involved with the triads he is sent on a mission to rescue his in debt gambling addicted wife from crooks in Macau who will only let her go if he has sex with her and gives them a good show.The acting is excellent,good plot (especially the sub story between he head triad and his wife).I give the film ****/**** for originality that never ceased to amaze me, a great HK film.

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