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Inner Rage (2006)Inner Rage (2006)
iMDB Rating: 4.5

Date Released : 8 September 2009

Genre : Action, Crime

Stars : Joe Estevez, William Smith, Kevin T. Collins, Andrew Roth

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Strong characters depict this story of a group of criminals hiding from the law inside a bordello, who find themselves trapped as their leader relishes in the tormenting and sadistic killings of those around him. After a robbery gone wrong, with plans to split the money after the weekend, their leader, Max, embarks to kill on whims, with pleasure, and then with a passion as he slowly transgresses into a demented state of insanity. The men, the bordello madam and all her girls, then find themselves trapped with the only way out being to become like Max.

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Review :

Interesting little Indy Movie

I bought "Inner Rage" because I'm a huge fan of William Smith. My all-time favorite actor doesn't survive the first 10 minutes but has a nice appearance as change shop owner.

Joe Estevez is also in it, two name actors, to sell the movie to distributors. He plays a small town Sheriff but he has not very much to do. Estevez is a good actor but wasted in too many bad movies. He looks like he doesn't like his role here very much.

I didn't expect very much but to my surprise this little Indy flick wasn't that bad: It is about a complete maniac named Max. He kills 4 people in a change store and he and his gang members have to hide from the police in a brothel.

Very interesting characters, especially Spike, who is Max's best friend and always loyal to him. When he recognizes what's really going on with his friend it is much too late for him. The gang members are interesting characters played by good and really believable actors. One of them has an open Bill with Max and it finally comes to a bloody Showdown.

Kevin T. Collins plays Max and his portrait of a maniac who freaks out about nothing is interesting to watch. "Inner Rage" is not a masterpiece but nice to watch on a rainy afternoon. Give it a chance, it's worth it!

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