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HS - hors service (2001)HS - hors service (2001)
iMDB Rating: 4.4

Date Released : 13 June 2001

Genre : Comedy, Crime

Stars : Dieudonné, Lambert Wilson, François Berléand, Lorànt Deutsch." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Review :

C'mon it's a sweet dark comedy

Hors Service ( Out of order ? Not in service ? ) Marchand ( Dieudonné ), a good and merciless Hit-man is cheating his wife since 5 years of marriage pretending to be selling shoes when she finds guns, machine guns and grenades at home, they have a quarrel, she slaps him and he gives her a violent punch which plunges her into the coma.

Persuaded that his wife can hear him and react to his acts he be going to try to save his soul and his wife by changing. He's about to kill a woman for a contract but then changes his mind.

So he become 'Hors Service' for the other hit men of the small organization : Francis, the cold boss ( Lambert Wilson ) will lead a bunch of losers to kill him, Louis the old timer ( François Berléand ), M'sieur ('Mister' Lorànt Deutsch ) the apprentice with the tamagotchi, Victor the cruel one, addict to TV.

Meanwhile Marchand is trying to save the woman he was supposed to kill.

Well there's nothing original in the plot but the actors are all great, that's not the comedy of the century but still good and also nice, the colors are sweet, the lines are funny, and there's some action and good music, actually i spent 90 minutes watching it and it was just fine. The director neglected some characters but nothing dramatic, they just disappear along the movie when we expect to see them later.

This movie have to be watched if you can find it, it could be a good surprise for some people, I was one of them.

Apologies for the approximative English :D

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