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The Disturbance (1990)The Disturbance (1990)
iMDB Rating: 5.4

Date Released : 26 June 2006

Genre : Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Stars : Timothy Greeson, Lisa Geoffrion, Ken Ceresne, Jerry Disson

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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A psycho is on the prowl, and his victims are all beautiful women. The police must catch him before he kills again.

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Review :

I Bet You Did Not Know This! Stop....Look and Read.....A+

I Bet You Had No Idea that "The Disturbance" a full featured Indie Movie made by a group of Talented South Florida Filmmakers in the Early 1990's was the First, and still, Only, Motion Picture of its kind. Edited and re-edited as, a World Wide Theatrical Released Horror Feature, and a Highly Acclaimed, Educational Docudrama about a young man suffering from Schizophrenia. One Version Edited for two distinctly different markets. Never before or since, has a film had such a……… Split Personality!

It is true; this movie is shallow at times, even A little corny at times, but upon closer inspection and due diligence, here is what I found out!

After researching this film more closely, I have discovered the Following:

The actor playing the leads Mother, (Clay's Mom), is the One and Only... Carole Garlin, real life mother of Jeff Garlin, Co-Executive Producer and Co-Star of HBO's Hit Comedy, "Curb your Enthusiasm". Jeff is also a member of Stand-Up Comedy's "In Crowd", and stars with Eddie Murphy in "Daddy Day Care" as well as dozens of Leno and Letterman walk-ons and TV Appearances Galore...

I wonder if Jeff has ever seen the movie. Especially, the controversial Shower Scene between Mother and Son? Wow....Now, that is just plain crazy film making. And years before Quentin Tarrintino!

The Girlfriend, played by newcomer, Lisa Geoffrion, (Now deceased), was the real life daughter of Hockey Great, Boom Boom Geoffrion.

The Films Visionary and Executive Producer, Ron Cerasuolo, was the originator of the idea behind the Billion Dollar, "Planet Hollywood" Theme Restaurant Concept (People, April 1991). Ron is also leading the development of "Class Action TV" a revolutionary concept in Network Television , giving "Power back to the People" and Entertaining them at the same time!

"The Disturbance", was one of the first Indie Films made and distributed, years before Independent Films were the Rage.

In Fact, the Docudrama, "What's Wrong with the Neighbors Son?" was the originally titled 1989 film, by which "The Disturbance" was created.

"What's Wrong with the Neighbor's Son?" was an educational film about the horrors of the real-life disorder, Schizophrenia, which has won World Wide Acclaim and Endorsements from Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Notre Dame, Oxford, UCLA, USC, John Hopkins, Stony Brook, Hofstra, Stanford, West Point, the AMA, NAMI, NIMH, 2 Surgeon Generals, Governors, Senators, even President's Bush, Bush and Clinton, as well as numerous accolades from both the NY and Chicago Film Festivals and, as stated above, is the Only film of its kind that has ever been released as both a Medical Documentary and a Full Feature "Horror" Film, simultaneously!

Now, after all of that, don't you feel that this History Making, Indie, Break-Through, Motion Picture, deserves another look? "I certainly think it does"...........! I give it an A+

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