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Corky Romano (2001)Corky Romano (2001)
iMDB Rating: 4.3

Date Released : 12 October 2001

Genre : Comedy, Crime

Stars : Chris Kattan, Peter Falk, Vinessa Shaw, Peter Berg

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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A naive, bumbling veterinarian named Corky Romano the outcast son if a Mafia boss, is recruited by his family to infiltrate the FBI and steal any and all evidence that will put his cranky father named Francis A. "Pops" Romano in jail! But he's in way over his head when he's made out to be a super agent. It's a reputation must live up to as he tries to fake his way through one tough assignment after another while hunting for the elusive incriminating proof of his father's illegal activities.

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Review :

As goofy as it gets when it comes to crime/mafia cinema spoof.

Let me tell you something. I can only remember about this movie because of Vinessa Shaw wearing a skimpy, sexy mini nurse dress. Ohhh, that memory helps me when I'm sad.

Seriously, "Corky Romano" is the goofiest movie you can get in terms of spoofing crime/mafia cinema. It's that goofy, that makes the Wayans Brothers look serious! To be honest and quick; watch this movie only if scatological humor, extreme cheese, and goofy performances make you laugh.

Otherwise, don't watch it. I watched it on the theaters and well I had a decent time with it but it was back in 2001 when I was still 17.

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