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Blodsbröder (2005)Blodsbröder (2005)
iMDB Rating: 3.2

Date Released : 2 December 2005

Genre : Crime, Drama

Stars : Liam Norberg, Sofia Helin, Mats Helin, Reine Brynolfsson

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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30-year-old Jon is released after seven years in prison and decides to put all his criminal activities behind him and start a new life.

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Review :

Swedish-low-budget-Calirtos Way, but no way near!

This is one of those movies that I just had to see, no matter how bad critic it was given (and it have been brutal). You see this is the sequel to one of the most interesting documents of a Swedish era, early nineties.

The first movie (SÖKARNA) is cult in Sweden, it has been more or less our equivalent to movies like "Menace to Society" and "La Haine", still not as good but worth watching and to contemplate. BLODSBRÖDER was highly anticipated and was for a while called "SÖKARNA 2 - REBELZ". The first version was supposedly so awful that it had no way of getting distributed; it was decided to redo it and bring back the director of the first Movie Daniel Fridell. Now, thirteen years after "SÖKARNA" I first got the chance to see it. The first thing that hits me is the absolute horror of cinematography; the whole film is somewhat out of focus and always poorly lightens or filmed with a camera badly operated. This is not the kind of first impression that you want to get. The acting is mostly done by our own LIAM NORBERG, witch actually served an almost 6 year's sentence for one of Sweden's biggest robbery ever, over 100 million dollars!!! He delivers just as much as he has to, nothing interesting just the fact that you are not only looking at an actor, acting but also someone that knows more about prison life then all of the other actors on the screen. The direction is all right and like mentioned above the story is not unique: Inmate leaves prison, meets the old world and nothing has changed; only he, he is trying to avoid the old life but is drawn back to it for what ever reason.... I think you can see my point. Add one of Sweden's most controversial rappers KEN, that once from a stage actually raised a crowd of people to "rape" our princess. This never happened but it was all over Swedish news at the time. His role is obviously the black actor comic relief (he just starres a couple of minutes) which is kind of sad. Add TORSTEN FLINK, the usual dose of this pretentious lousy actor that always surprises me with his publicity tricks: "....on Heroine", "...Robbed in his house" the story goes on.

One other trivia is that as listed as Cinematographer is Johan Bergman, the original actor in Bo Widebergs "FIMPEN", great movie. Another one is that LIAM NORBERG now is Christian and claims he met god, and he was told that he is the new Messiah.

Well if you do find it (it was not in the cinema, although they did but adds up in the Stockholm subway)and have nothing better to do, you could always turn of the sound and look at what must be the worst lighten movie ever to reach IMDb, just to train your eyes.

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