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Xun qiang (2002)Xun qiang (2002)
iMDB Rating: 6.6

Date Released : 31 October 2002

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery

Stars : Wen Jiang, Nina Huang Fan, Shi Liang, Xiaoning Liu

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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In a province in China, Detective Ma Shan wakes up on the day after the wedding party of his sister Ma Juan and finds that his gun with three bullets is missing. Ma Shan drank too much in the party and does not recall what might have happen with his weapon. He falls in disgrace with his superiors and investigates who might have stolen the gun. When his former sweetheart Li Xiaomeng is found dead with a shot of his weapon, he becomes the prime suspect. When the police force arrests his acquaintance Zhou Xiaogang, he discloses that Li Xiaomeng was accidentally killed since his friend was the real target of the murderer. Ma Shan uses Zhou Xiaogang as a bait to lure and arrest the criminal an retrieve his missing gun.

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Where guns mean responsibility

It is not another Hong Kong excellent-made movie, but this is coming from the rural China with no martial arts or frenetic chase but the one with two old bicycles. The story is by itself strong and humanly ethical. A great man makes a mistake and he has to fix it up, above all the dilemmas or even his integrity moral o physical. The village where it was shot is a fascinating one, the photography is mesmerizing and some camera tricks give the magical touch to the visual without recurring to effects that surely they (the movie producers from China) can't afford. Somehow it reminds me the Brazilian City of God but with a more paced rhythm and a life philosophy that can only come from the rising East. Definitely a movie without the boring tastes of hollywoodean clichés, with this, who cares about reading the subtitles?

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