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Wasabi Tuna (2003)Wasabi Tuna (2003)
iMDB Rating: 3.4

Date Released : 20 August 2003

Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime

Stars : Antonio Sabato Jr., Jason London, Barney Cheng, Alanna Ubach

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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It's the night before Halloween and everyone in LA is trying to make time to finish their costumes for the biggest and brashest block party of the year. Fredrico, Dave, Evan, Harvey and Emme have all been waiting for this day to come for what seems like an eternity. Emme has the perfect solution, something edgy, something fresh, something dangerous, something which will defy all expectations, to dress up as gang bangers. But in order to achieve that authentic straight from the hood look, they have to go to the professionals. The five friends split up and Dave makes his way to East LA where he meets Romeo, a real life gangster who agrees to loan Dave his purple low rider in exchange for Dave's cherry red Porsche.

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Review :

Wacked out fun!!!

This is a completely goofy comedy. A fun film that is not serious at all. Frankly it's the best stuff I've seen from Tim Meadows in a long time and I have to admit...I love Alanna Ubach!! She is beautiful and one heck of an actress. (check out Freeway -- she is great in that). Did I say she is beautiful?? She looks fabulous in this film (especially when she does the Breakfast at Tiffany's look).

Plus Antonio Sabato, Jr. is funny, there are three Ninja chicks, a midget and Anna Nicole....What else could you want? If you want to see something goofy and funny then check this film out. Jason London and Barney Cheng play good femme gay males and I think that this and D.E.B.S. would be a great double feature!

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