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Ticker (2001)Ticker (2001)
iMDB Rating: 3.3

Date Released : 23 June 2001

Genre : Action, Thriller, Crime

Stars : Tom Sizemore, Dennis Hopper, Steven Seagal, Jaime Pressly

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Ray Nettles, a San Francisco detective, and his partner Fuzzy must take on to one of the most dangerous terrorist gangs in the city. When one of the terrorists, the beautiful scientist Claire Manning is arrested, Swann, the leader of the terrorists, claims he will explode bombs throughout the city if she will is not released. Because of the possible bloodshed, Nettles calls for the help of explosives expert Frank Glass...

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Review :

Not as bad as some people say...

to be fair, i thought this film was ok. the director kind of messed up seagal's fight scenes. and it would have helped if they had a better budget. the bit where hopper and pressly are in the car and she goes 'pull over' and then the car suddenly stops is kinda funny i guess, but only in a 'so bad its funny' way. and at the end they're just like 'aaaah yeh we did it, right lets go'. but sizemore is a good actor and seagal isn't bad. if the film had been 30 minutes longer so they could develop the story a little and had a bigger budget it would have been quality. as long as you set your expectations to the levels these other reviewers have set them, it will be a reasonably entertaining film, if almost immediatly forgettable.

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