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Terra Estrangeira (1996)Terra Estrangeira (1996)
iMDB Rating: 7.4

Date Released : 9 January 1997

Genre : Action, Romance, Drama, Crime, Thriller

Stars : Alberto Alexandre, Fernando Alves Pinto, Alexandre Borges, Canto e Castro

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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After the death of his mother, a young Brazilian decides to leave his country and travel to her native land, as she used to dream with, as an Spanish immigrant. In a foreign land, he finds love and danger as he meets a Brazilian waitress and takes smuggled goods with him in order to pay for his travel.

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The Magic of Cinema Recreated!

FOREIGN LAND / Brazil-Portugal 1995 (4 STARS) 13 December 2003 The best part of this film is how much it surprises. It's a B&W film from Brazil and deflates expectation as it starts out almost like a student film - slow, awkward and seemingly uninteresting, with so much of gritty grain that it is initially annoying. Yet the change of pace and the transition into a gripping tale of innocence, love and adventure is so seamless, that only in the end do we realize what sheer cinematic delight we have been privy to. . Mise-en-scene: Even though it was made in 1995, this film belongs to the highest traditions of 50s Film Noir. Though reminiscent of Welles' Touch of Evil in its narrative style, you've probably never seen a grittier tale, and feel for the characters and their innocence as the plot thickens and the feeling of foreboding grips you. . The fact that the lead pair comprises unknown faces works for the film, and makes it believable. After all, the feeling of alienation and desperation is easier to ascribe to, to a nobody who has no-where to go. . Foreign Land communicates a deep underlying political message to Brazilians who were migrating to Europe in the 1980s and the film does a successful job of portraying life outside of Brazil as mean-spirited and dangerous. . The character development of the boy from struggling artist to bold young man is thoroughly convincing as is the unlikely romance between two desperate people in a strange land. I particularly enjoyed the change in pace of the narrative where it midway meanders off the beaten track and becomes a road-film. . Cinematography: In the final analysis, the low-brow high chiaroscuro grainy photography works for the film and successfully builds a dark mood that establishes the feeling of evil lurking just around the corner in a foreign land. . Sound design is effective in creating a nostalgic mood which begs us to ask the protagonists what on earth they are doing in a foreign land when they could have been safely tucked away in beloved Brazil.

I highly recommend this film to any lover of international cinema and particularly to those who feel inspired by gritty, small-time, content driven films with a powerful vision, that dare to challenge the goliaths of our filmmaking factories.

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Streaming Terra Estrangeira (1996) Online