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Tempo (2003)Tempo (2003)
iMDB Rating: 4.6

Date Released : 10 June 2003

Genre : Romance, Crime, Thriller

Stars : Melanie Griffith, Rachael Leigh Cook, Hugh Dancy, Malcolm McDowell

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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In France, Sarah is a courier of illegal pieces of arts and antiques, living in a borrowed apartment with Jack, a man younger and younger than she. While Sarah is traveling to Munich to bring a rare coin to the criminal Walter Shrenger, Jack meets Jenny Travile, a silly and irresponsible American girl, who works a fancy jewelery, and they have an affair. Jenny falls in love for him, and exposes the code and the secrets of the store to Jack. Meanwhile, Sarah is stolen in the train in her travel back to Paris, and has to raise US$ 80,000.00 in two days to pay for the lost. She convinces Jack to rob the jewelery with her to raise the money. However, things do not happen how planned.

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Review :

Not Great, but not bad either...

Since Rachael Leigh Cook is one of my favorite actresses, I couldn't resist to see her latest work. I know since Josie and The Pussycats that she mostly did direct-to-video movies and indies, and that was the opportunity to see her again in a European setting...

This time, it's Paris. I was not very thrilled to see a déjà-vu subject of the love triangle, set on illegal antiques'smuggling business background, but with Rachael there, I might be in for a small treat...

The result here is partly entertaining. Eric Styles uses the flashback to tell the story as it begins in a car chase in central Paris. Mostly a story about betrayal, survival and mostly choosing between love and reason.

An antiques smuggler works for a rich mob dealer. She is sent for a contract in Germany in order to get paid and then refund a debt to another mob member. In the meanwhile, her boyfriend falls in love with a jewellers'boutique employee, Jenny. Unfortunately, when the lady smuggler comes back, she catches her lover in the act. However, her smuggling didn't do well and she must comes up with the money to reimburse the mob guy in order to save her life. For revenge, she intends to use her boyfriend's mistress naive nature for a night heist at the jewellery shop to refund her debt. Will it succeed ?

Performances are okay: Rachael Leigh Cook (with an audacious caracter going beyond the simple kiss...), Hugh Dancy and Malcolm McDowell are doing good here but Mrs. Griffith lacks the charm she had many years ago with movies like Body Double and Working Girl. Too sad for such an actress who stills have some sexy assets at her 40s...

The story's okay, and it's good fare compared to recent releases who are with big budget but with low quality.

Watch it for fun, and gaze the streets of Paris with Ms.Cook !

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Streaming Tempo (2003) Online