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Silent Cradle (1997)Silent Cradle (1997)
iMDB Rating: 5.0

Date Released : 7 May 1999

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery

Stars : Margot Kidder, Shaun Johnston, Lorraine Bracco, Rick Ash

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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A woman has a miscarriage. After her grief becomes bearable, she attempts to adopt a baby, but discovers evidence that her baby might not have been dead when it was removed from her stomach. If so, who took the baby, why and where?

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Review :

OK TV movie

Lorraine Bracco is a pregnant woman who takes a bad spill down a flight of cement steps and ends up losing her baby. Or did she? She eventually decides to look into adopting, and ends up talking to a shady character who in fact helped swap her baby for a dead one in the hospital and then sold her baby to a childless couple. Bracco begins to smell a rat when, through the shady baby broker, she meets a woman with a baby for sale. The woman turns out to be the nurse who attended Bracco after her fall, and slowly but surely Bracco begins piecing together the truth. Not bad for a TV movie, but flat. Like most TV movies. Some familiar faces help keep things reasonable interesting: John Heard is Bracco's shady delivery doctor, and the wonderful Margot Kidder is a friend who also happens to be a DEA agent.

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Streaming Silent Cradle (1997) Online