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Sapatos Pretos (1998)Sapatos Pretos (1998)
iMDB Rating: 5.6

Date Released : 10 April 1998

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Stars : Ana Bustorff, Vítor Norte, João Reis, Teresa Madruga

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Dalila is a middle-age, married woman who is still attractive, too attractive, for her rural husband - who is proud to show her off, but awfully jealous of her. Her trips to the capital to see a doctor (she thinks she has breast cancer) put her in contact with flashy clothes, and shoes, and then she goes wild. She will lead a young truck driver into lust, and worse sins, as Dalila progresses from white shoes to red shoes, and then, fatal black shoes.

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Nauseating violence in an average Portuguese crime film.

For those who have had a taste of Portuguese cinema by watching films by Joao Cesar Monteiro, Pedro Costa, Teresa Villaverde and Manoel de Oliviera surprising things are in store. This is because this particular film is a work of one of the most promising forces of Portuguese cinema.It is also true that "Sapatos Pretos" is a different film because of its depiction of a woman's vulnerability. This is because its central character receives a lot of beatings from her male lover. In some respects "Black Shoes" is a bizarre film because it is quite normal for viewers to get a glimpse of violence on screen but the trouble with this film is that when this terrible violence becomes nauseating viewers have no escape regardless of where they are watching the film, whether in a cinema hall or on their DVD player. This film will certainly interest those viewers who would like to catch up with unknown aspects of Portuguese cinema especially the crime film genre. A word of advice-better watch Joao Canijo second film called "Noite Oscura".

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