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Ringside Rosary (2013)Ringside Rosary (2013)
iMDB Rating: 7.9

Date Released : 15 August 2013

Genre : Action, Crime, Drama

Stars : Tom Stadnicki, John Rutland, Tj Lee, Mara Breindel

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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A cursed underground boxer struggles to break his family's pattern of violence -- before it's inherited by his son.

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Review :

Jack Eagan begins his directing career with a well-made, powerful (and violent) film that leaves you thinking...

Ringside Rosary is a testament to the idea that small-budget doesn't always mean "think small."

This gripping film tackles some very powerful themes and keeps your attention throughout, especially leading up to the film's climax all the way to its finish.

Director Jack Eagan makes some very important choices that encourage the viewer to think about the characters as they develop (rather than overtly coming out with certain info -- again, giving the viewer the respect to analyze each situation independently, as all good film should do).

This is not a normal Action movie. As an Action/Drama, Ringside Rosary also employs some unique scoring that VERY effectively matches the emotional tone on-screen and then some.

Surprisingly, the actors are even able to make you laugh (always a plus) with some of their nuances a midst some very brutal violence. Throughout, the developing story line sucks you in and you begin to feel the urgency at hand.

Ringside Rosary is a pleasant surprise from Indieland as Hollywood continues to ooze out dud after dud.

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Streaming Ringside Rosary (2013) Online