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Los debutantes (2003)Los debutantes (2003)
iMDB Rating: 6.2

Date Released : 13 June 2003

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Stars : Antonella Ríos, Néstor Cantillana, Juan Pablo Miranda, Alejandro Trejo

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Parents, children, brothers. A few days in Santiago, Chile, seen by three different characters: Víctor, a schoolboy who develops a crush on a stripper he sees at a club on his birthday; Silvio, Victor's older brother, hired by the club owner to be his driver and who also falls for the woman; and, Gracia, the stripper who's the boss's girlfriend and who wants out. The club owner, Don Pasqual, has many illegal enterprises and a bad heart. Víctor's impulsive puppy love, Silvio's libido, Gracia's plans, and Don Pasqual's possessiveness make for a dangerous mix.

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Review :

Spiraling Down the Sink Hole of Chile's Underground

Director/writer Andrés Waissbluth worked seven years to complete this two hour film about the crime underground in Santiago, Chile, and perhaps that is one of the reasons the resultant film seems episodic and in need of editing. OR, maybe this is the technique of a director who shows a fine sense of film noir storytelling.

Two brothers - Silvio the elder (Néstor Cantillana) and Victor the younger (Juan Pablo Miranda) - have moved to Santiago from their home in Temuco after their parents' death and Silvio works to support Victor's education. On Victor's seventeenth birthday Silvio takes the virgin out to the clubs where he encourages Victor to lose his virginity with one of the club's stripper/prostitutes. In a tender scene Victor must face his nascent impotency while Silvio is out on the club floor impressing the 'owners' with his potential for hire.

Silvio goes to work for the 'gang' as a bodyguard/henchman and makes good money to support Victor's schooling. But Victor has eyes for one of the dancers at the club named Gracia (Antonella Ríos) and begins to woo her, dropping out of school incurring Silvio's angry disappointment. Gracia just happens to be the squeeze of the club gang's leader Don Pascual (Alejandro Trejo) who is Silvio's boss! Gracia is the glue that holds this tale together as she is the paramour of Victor, Silvio, and Don Pascual and the consequences of this bizarre ménage a trois has deadly results. Through a means of re-telling the story through the eyes of Victor, Silvio, and Gracia we grow to understand the vulnerabilities and the cracks in each character that allow for the downfall that results.

Sound like a Chilean Pulp Fiction? Well, it is and it is filmed in a brutally colorful, dark manner that includes a lot of frontal nudity (both female and male) and provocative sexual encounters. But in the end the sensual aspect of the director's vision is what drives this film, playing on the debutante virginal psyche against the hardcore professional sex worker with success. The cast is fairly strong, especially Antonella Ríos in the demanding role of Gracia. There are enough twists and turns and replays of incidents you think you understood the first viewing but that change dramatically in impact when told through the eyes of a different character. Bordering on two hours, some judicious editing would have helped the impact of the film. In Spanish with English subtitles. Recommended for those who like the edgy film noir style and the art of South American cinema. Grady Harp

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Streaming Los debutantes (2003) Online