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Khal-Naaikaa (1993)Khal-Naaikaa (1993)
iMDB Rating: 4.3

Date Released : 6 August 1993

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Stars : Jeetendra, Jayapradha, Anu Agrawal, Mehmood

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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This chilling tale is about the trauma a busy lady doctor, Dr Priya (Jayaprada) goes through when she hires a new governess, Kiran (Anu Agarwal) for her kids. Kiran is efficient, charming and very good at her job but a series of weird events shatters the peace in the home. Dr Priya gradually discovers a connection between these events and Kiran. Who is this woman and why is she doing these things?

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Review :

A plagiarised but interesting movie

I already knew that this film is copied from the Hollywood flick The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. But I still watched it as I wanted to see how the director adapted the film to the Indian sensibilities.

I must say that the film was quite interesting. The villainess in this film is not shown as a plain evil determined to wreck havoc in the lives of those who destroyed her life. Basically, this film shows us two sides to humanity, the good and the bad. And provides an interesting counterpoint to these two sides. I felt bad for the girl (Anu Agarwal) who has lost her husband and her unborn child. But her husband is shown as an evil doctor who molests his female patients.

Talking about the minuses of this film, I would say there are two things which might not go well with the Indian audience. The heroine's (Jaya Prada) friend is shown constantly smoking. She even smokes in front of her friend's baby, a total no-go for an Indian audience. And in the climax scene, the villainess uses a baseball bat to attack the hero. Back in the early 90s, baseball was not even so popular in India. Just because the vamp in the Hollywood original uses a baseball bat, the director decided to make the vamp use a baseball bat. This was so irrelevant back then. She could've used a hockey or a cricket bat to make the scene relevant to the 90's timeline. Duh!

Performances from the lead casts are really very good. Jeetendra is in top form. Jaya Prada fitted into her character very well. But the credit has to given especially to Anu Agarwal who plays a disillusioned vamp to the hilt. Puneet Issar and Varsha Usgaonkar were good in their respective roles.

Barring the title track, all the songs were passable.

Overall, a decent entertainer! You can watch it with your family.

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