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Jetzt oder nie - Zeit ist Geld (2000)Jetzt oder nie - Zeit ist Geld (2000)
iMDB Rating: 5.6

Date Released : 14 December 2000

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Stars : Gudrun Okras, Elisabeth Scherer, Christel Peters, Vladimir Weigl

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Three elderly ladies, Carla, Lilli and Meta, chat about their aches and pains and their fear of death's approach. Harmless stuff, at first glance. But the autumn of their lives is hardly a bed of roses. Carla can't pay the rent for her retirement home, Lilli is constantly harassed by her daughter, and Meta's neurotic son is getting on her nerves. A wee dram is just the thing for putting the cares of the world behind you, and so, over the odd glass of liqueur, they dream of a luxury cruise financed by their card games. Just their luck to be mugged as they bring the takings to the bank. A shattered dream? No way, say the three graces - anything those young men can do, we can do better. They work out a perfect plan, persuade Meta's short-sighted neighbour to join them, and return to the bank with a blunderbuss.

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Dreams come true!!!

Three lusty, old women have saved a lot of money. It´s their last big dream to make a journey around the world on an ocean steamer. They go to a bank and want pay in their money - but just in that moment the bank is robbed out. Their money is gone! So what? They decide to rob out the bank by themselves. It´s now or never...

I think it´s a miracle that this film was realized. A story about three old ladies robbing out a bank? Nobody had the hope that it would be successful. The only one who believed in the script was Til Schweiger and so he decided to produce it with his firm "Mr.Brown-entertainment" (a figure in Tarantinos "Reservoir dogs"...). Director Lars Büchel didn´t make the mistake to create the characters just as joke figures. That would have been to easy. You don´t laugh ABOUT the three, you laugh WITH them, and that´s what takes them so believable and touching. A bittersweet movie about getting older.

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Streaming Jetzt oder nie - Zeit ist Geld (2000) Online