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Jat go zi tau di daan sang (1997)Jat go zi tau di daan sang (1997)
iMDB Rating: 7.3

Date Released : 14 March 1997

Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime

Stars : Ching Wan Lau, Francis Ng, Tat-Ming Cheung, Matt Chow." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Review :

For want of a tighter script...

The first thing a viewer will notice about this film is the camera-work: some love it, some hate it... me: I found it distracting. There are some nice ideas, like when the crew all sit around the table in the first act and the camera revolves from the centre, but for the most part, it stinks of an amateur director playing around with a hand-held.

Should one outlast the "annoyance" of the "cinematography", the film is actually quite enjoyable - it features some truly humorous moments and some really good ideas... just a shame really then, that it all needed a bit more time during the script development stage, because, cameras aside, that's what really let's this film down: the underwhelming build-up and/or pay-off to all the characters, gags/events and plot.

Verdict: not horrible, but it definitely could have been a lot better.

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Streaming Jat go zi tau di daan sang (1997) Online