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In a Man's World (2004)In a Man's World (2004)
iMDB Rating: 5.4

Date Released : 11 November 2004

Genre : Crime

Stars : Nico Hutcheon, Robert McCalpine, Callum Leiper, Connor Skully

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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A true to life account of 'survival' on the streets of gang land Scotland. Based around the emotional tale of four street wise youngsters in search of the perfect score to earn them their golden passport towards a brighter future. A gritty portrayal of hope, desperation and betrayal charting the progress of these youngsters as they embark on their journey into the unforgiving heart of the Celtic Underworld. As time goes by they soon discover that life in this business is not as glamourous as it seems as they continue to spiral deeper and deeper into a world of ruthless gangsters and criminal overlords.

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Review :

Wastes its potential

"The Streets are Watching"

This low-budget film from Lee Hutcheon who wrote the script, directed the film and starred in one of the lead roles, caught my attention with a review on the DVD cover proclaiming it to be "The Best Thing Since 'Trainspotting'". It certainly is not. The film looked to have some serious potential; a hard-hitting film about young boys caught up in gangland activity in Aberdeen in Scotland. But it ended up wasting all it's potential, and despite some interesting and creative camera techniques, it wasn't as engaging as it needed to be and many parts were cliché and came across as your usual stereotype. The real problem I had with this was how young the boys in the film were. I found it hard to believe they could have been so streetwise, clever confident and brave at such a young age. It would have worked better had the boys been about thirteen or fourteen.

The film is narrated by Malky, who talks about the small town he grew up in with his pals Franky, Mincy and Jinxsy. The boys fall into a life of crime by doing petty thieving at first, but eventually find themselves involved with bigger things when they get harassed by a local drug-pushing thug, and when the main crime lord in the area Carmell begins to take an interest in them. Malky's father and uncle work as hard-men for Carmell, and Malky's father Joe (Played by Lee Hutcheon) tries in vain to get his son away from the kind of life that he himself is leading. Things begin to get confusing and dangerous, and as Malky says, it's not like what they had seen in the gangster films. Reality is harder and not always so glamorous, but he finds out the hard way...

Hutcheon uses Martin Scorese style techniques by having a pumping soundtrack playing through the film. But this falls flat on it's face as he uses it excessively almost to the point that the entire film feels like one long music video. I will praise some of his creative techniques though, I liked how he blended stills in with the film during some of the narration. The editing is pretty foggy at times and blended in with some shaky camera work gives this a real gritty feeling but apart from all that it ends up wasting it's potential with some unbelievable characters and a pretty bland storyline. Despite the decent performances from it's young cast, "In a Man's World" really isn't the hitter it was set up to be.

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Streaming In a Man's World (2004) Online