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Hotel California (2013)Hotel California (2013)
iMDB Rating: 5.1

Date Released : 3 May 2013

Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Stars : P. Balachandran, Jayasurya, Anoop Menon, Nandu." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Review :

High On Glam & Null On Logic... This Is New Wave Malayalam Cinema's Biggest Blunder... 10%

This film marks the "riches-to-rags" point of Anoop Menon & Jayasurya duo filmmaking. The writing by Menon is simply absurd. Taking a famous song (Eagles' Hotel California) & ripping its lyrics & bold interpretations out of the horizon is too lame and not at all eligible for a cinema script. Adding certain slapstick points & grueling plot won't do ANY good to the movie which has enough glitz & glamor to mask its gimmickry. Instead, what is the outcome? A poor attempt at modern version of "comedy of errors."

It talks about different bunches of imbecile Malayalis trying to make money the easier way by duping, kidnapping & booby-trapping famous, rich & innocent people. Somewhere between, identities are lost, wrong people are kidnapped & anti-piracy advertisement shoots up. When they all get mixed up, a new definition of epic madness is born. Also, there is one unrelated story about IVF, which goes to the mountains to please you. Though, it fails terribly.

Jayasurya isn't brave at all to portray the role of a careless pimp; his swagger doesn't help either. The plot demands are low, yet the characters are written with absolute stupidity, played by veterans. This is so maddening to make Shankar play a nymphomaniac. Very bad. Other brilliant actors are wasted, mostly because the cranky screenplay makes them look like sissies. For newness, female artists are foul-mouthed cracking extremely vulgar, Mallu jokes relating to reproduction & like. Miserable!

Music is the only thing worth fathoming in this botched attempt to move a step further in coming-of-age Malayalam cinema. Bringing in BDSM, forgettable English phrases, modernity & the lawless virtues of the YOLO generation is a good thought, but this is what is yielded when 2-movie old amateurs make a movie.

With the plot so disturbing, having multiple, incompatible elements (kidnapping, laundering, terrorism, cupid, porn, artificial insemination & piracy), HC gets entangled in its own plot diversions. Almost all plot twists seemed like they were forced, so as to produce a fatal & clinging climax. It is high time these filmmakers understand that people who watch movies have immense love for details. It has hundreds of goofs & illogical references to movies, celebrities & social terms. Dialogs are borrowed from old Malayalam classics. And yet, it advises full concentration of viewers. Poor screenplay, poor cinematography & loads of idiotic masala humor, that is what HC is. Moreover, bragging about the movie you've made erstwhile is the most demeaning thing a filmmaker can ever do. To conclude, the 2-hour long cinema wreck has nothing original to boast off. 1/10.

BOTTOM LINE: Hotel California is a movie-holic's worst nightmare. Not recommended at all.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

Profanity: Strong | Vulgarity: Strong | Sex: Mild | Nudity: Mediocre | Violence: Mediocre | Gore: Mild | Alcohol: Strong | Smoking: Mediocre | Drugs: Mild

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Streaming Hotel California (2013) Online