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The Hillz (2004)The Hillz (2004)
iMDB Rating: 2.2

Date Released : 25 June 2004

Genre : Crime, Drama

Stars : Rene Heger, Jesse Woodrow, Paris Hilton, Jason Shaw

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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The Hillz is a surreal look at four teenage boys coming of age. This slice-of-life comedic drama is set in an affluent neighborhood of present-day America. The story chronicles these teenagers' pursuit of respect, friends, girls, and the almighty dollar (aka status). After a year away at college, our hero, Steve returns home to find his friends haven't changed, but his old neighborhood is remarkably different. A stellar athlete, Steve is on a high from recently winning the College World Series. He's got his future and he knows it: girls, money and a sure top-ten pick in the Major League draft. The only thing missing is the only thing he can't have: the gorgeous Heather Smith. On a mission to win Heather over, Steve finds himself up against Heather's seemingly perfect boyfriend, Todd. To make matters worse, Steve discovers his beautiful suburban hills have been turned into an ultra-violent drug zone, controlled by his own high school friends. The ruthless gang is led by the sadistic ...

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True definition of garbage

If dictionaries had a picture next to the word garbage, this movie's poster would be that picture. Let me start off by saying the worst actress in the world, without a doubt is Paris Hilton. She is amazingly and utterly horrible in this movie, even laughing in some lines. It is as if she is reading the script. She sounds dead during the whole movie. A disgrace to the hard work done by actresses' these days. Jesse Woodrow, wow, he is mindblowingly dull in this movie. Indeed, he and Paris Hilton have paired up for the worst performances in acting history. He keeps the same tone during the whole movie, he is never angry or sad, he is just dull. I came up with a couple of titles that would be perfect for this movie: Guns, Drugs, Random ; The Suburbs are now more dangerous than the ghetto; Doing drugs and Killing people for no reason. The directing is as incompetent, unintelligent and horrible as the acting. The only believable actor in this movie was Renee Hedger, who wasn't even good. out of 10 I give this movie a -1000000000000000000, it deserves bellow zero. It should be illegal for Paris Hilton or Jesse Woodrow to ever act in a movie ever again, and they should receive the death sentence if they were ever caught in a movie together again. This is a demonstration of how human incompetence and stupidity is as infinite as the universe. It is also proof of Darwin's evolutionary theory, we do descend from monkeys, and the people who made this movie are living proof of that. I even think that chimps would have done a better job. Don't watch this movie, it will make you feel stupid and ignorant. It is sad to see that to try to make money people will do just about anything.

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