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Heung Gong gaan saat kei ngon (1992)Heung Gong gaan saat kei ngon (1992)
iMDB Rating: 5.8

Date Released : 5 January 2006

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Stars : Siu-Kwan Lau, Lily Lee, Feng Ku, King-Kong Lam

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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In April 1985, two expatriate students Kenneth McBride, age 17, and 18 year-old Nicola Myers were beaten, raped, and murdered by a teenage gang. Based on the true story of Hong Kong's Braemar Hill murders.

Review :

Another very graphic Category III flick.

Kang is a cruel criminal.When he was young,his parents detested him and slapped him when he tried to help or be nice.His girlfriend is violently gang-raped by two foreigners and this is the beginning of Kang's madness.Soon he sadistically rapes foreign women,violates her with a piece of wood,bites off her nipple and finally kills her..."Suburb Murder" is one hell of an offensive film.There are three vicious gang-rape scenes in this sleazy flick as well as plenty of sex and full-frontal nudity.The opening scene is brief but very gory,as is the closing scene which leads up to it.Unfortunately the direction is amateurish and the acting is pretty awful,however if you are a fan of morally dubious HK Category III cinema give this sickie a try.7 out of 10.Enjoy this depraved spectacle of rape and sexual violence.

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Streaming Heung Gong gaan saat kei ngon (1992) Online