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Gokudô sengokushi: Fudô (1996)Gokudô sengokushi: Fudô (1996)
iMDB Rating: 7.1

Date Released : 12 October 1996

Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama

Stars : Shôsuke Tanihara, Kenji Takano, Marie Jinno, Tamaki Kenmochi

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Set on the island of Kyushu, it tells the story of successful high school student Riki Fudoh, who leads a double life in organized crime. With his gang of underage assassins (forerunners of the kiddie killers in Dead or Alive 2 (2000), including five-year-olds with hand guns and a teenage stripper shooting deadly darts from her vagina) he not only controls the goings-on at his school, but aspires to take over criminal affairs on the entire island. Fudoh's true motivations are not just a lust for power. An extensive flashback at the film's opening shows how as a child he witnessed the grisly murder of his older brother at the hands of his yakuza boss father and his subsequent wish for revenge. Buckets of blood flow (literally) when Riki and the kids start an assassination campaign against the top figures of the local yakuza, with his father as the ultimate goal. The underworld goes into a state of panic and calls in mysterious and powerful problem solver Nohma. Riki's father meanwhile ...

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Review :

Bonkers Takashi Miike madness and mayhem.

Japan's Takashi Miike has made some of the most strange, violent, and compelling movies of the last ten years, and whilst I won't pretend to have understood or even enjoyed all of those that I have seen, I salute Mr. Miike for his ability to consistently turn out innovative work; one simply finds it impossible to predict his next move.

Fudoh: The Next Generation takes a standard tale of warring Yakuza and adds so many bizarre elements and madcap characters that it is unmissable for fans of weird Asian cinema. It would definitely appeal to those that have enjoyed the similarly OTT Dead or Alive and the bloodthirsty Ichi the Killer.

Two rival gangs, the Nioh and Yasha, are on the brink of gang war. As a peace offering, Iwao Fudoh of the Nioh offers his son's head (literally!). Unbeknownst to Iwao, Riki, his youngest son, witnesses his brother's gruesome death.

Ten years later and Riki is the leader of his own gang, whose members are made up from primary-school hit men and deadly schoolgirl assassins. Riki Fudoh and his gang have been busy bumping off the Nioh bosses in order to gain complete control of the area; but his father has other ideas, getting his illegitimate son Gondoh to start slaughtering Riki's gang.

Unlike some of Miike's other films, the narrative is fairly simple to follow, meaning that one can relax, kick back and enjoy the crazy antics that pack this terrific movie. With it's killer children, a hermaphrodite who shoots darts from her cooch, a giant of a bloke who gets blown up but returns wearing a cool metal mask, a bad guy with metal rimmed boots, and a sexy leather-mini-skirt wearing teacher, Fudoh boasts an incredible roster of unusual characters. These maniacs slice, chop, shoot and dissolve (there are a couple of juicy acid attacks) each other without hesitation meaning that this film is a dream-come-true for gore-hounds.

If you're after a truly unique viewing experience, then you really should check out this extremely outrageous and bloody movie, 'cos it's a winner from start to finish.

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