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Gam-si-ja-deul (2013)Gam-si-ja-deul (2013)
iMDB Rating: 7.2

Date Released : 3 July 2013

Genre : Action, Crime

Stars : Hyo-ju Han, Woo-sung Jung, Jun-Ho Lee, Kyung-gu Sol

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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A high-tech police surveillance team attempts to take down a gang of ruthless bank robbers.

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This tells the operations of a team of surveillance officers tracking some most wanted criminals in South Korea.

Piggy is a new recruit into the surveillance team, and her initial test to see if she has photographic memory is already very impressive. When she is on the field and put to test, she and her team continues to excel in all ways possible. The technology they used, their analytical power and their brilliant skills dazzle viewers. The numerous close shaves keep viewers on edge, and there were many occasions I could feel myself holding my breath, waiting for critical events to unfold.

I have watched a few Korean films lately, and I have been thoroughly impressed by all of them. "Cold Eyes" continues the streak of great Korean films to be exported abroad, as it is a thriller that cuts right to the chase and keeps you on edge throughout the film. If you have the chance, go watch "Cold Eyes".

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Streaming Gam-si-ja-deul (2013) Online