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Fall Time (1995)Fall Time (1995)
iMDB Rating: 5.3

Date Released : 13 May 1995

Genre : Drama, Comedy, Crime

Stars : Steve Alden, David Arquette, Stephen Baldwin, Jonah Blechman

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Three young men live in the 50s somewhere in America. They've grown up and and now they plan to do a mock robbery of a bank. But in an other place, Florence plans a real bank robbery. The destination is the same...

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Violent Man On Man Against Boys

Ambitious in its use of Gay leads (no overtones here, completely in your face), period setting, and crazy goings on. The Movie starts sort of weak with overacting by the three teenagers wildly flailing about and trash talking incessantly. But once our two ferry-land psychos enter, the thing sort of becomes entertaining in a low rent hoodlum kind of way.

Although it goes to some length to be 1950's kitsch some of the props look like modern thrift shop and antique store borrowings as they are worn out and do distract somewhat from believability. But that is a minor quibble because things do perk up and turn into some fun.

The convoluted plot and some of the explanations of some of the behavior develop confusion, it is the violence and the Gay behavior of the characters that bring this home with a different feel and is a near winner despite some of its missteps. This is one of Stephen Baldwin's best performances and Mickey Rourke is, well the always interesting Mickey Rourke.

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Streaming Fall Time Online