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Fai seung dat yin (1998)Fai seung dat yin (1998)
iMDB Rating: 7.1

Date Released : 28 May 1998

Genre : Crime, Drama

Stars : Simon Yam, Ching Wan Lau, YoYo Mung, Ruby Wong." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Review :

Police Drama with an Unexpected Twist

Although most of Hong Kong's top talent has left for Hollywood, there has been a wave of interesting films from new directors like Patrick Yau who directed this sombering drama. The tune of the film shifts from drama to comedy to action back to comedy and finally to tragedy. The top performances were given by Simon Yam and Lau Ching-Wan as Police officers who are in love with the same woman. Expect The Unexpected along with The Longest Nite(1997) and The Odd One Dies(1997) show the emergence of another great director from Hong Kong. Expect The Unexpected(1998) is one of the best films in Hong Kong in the last ten years.

What makes this movie different from other Police dramas is it focuses more on the relationship the members of the Crime Unit have with each other and less with action scenes. Expect The Unexpected reminded me of the films of Takeshi Kitano in that like in his films the violence is sudden and tragic. The ending took me by surprise, but also impressed me because of the courage Patrick Yau had in filming this scene. The ending of Expect The Unexpected makes the finale of John Woo's The Killer(1989) look like a happy endingThis was the second time that Patrick Yau ended a film in irony(The Longest Nite(1997) was the other time). A good moment in the movie is when the waitress at the end is waiting for Lau Ching-Wan as she watches the news to learn of the Fate of the Hong Kong Crime Unit.

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Streaming Fai seung dat yin (1998) Online