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Everything's Gone Green (2006)Everything's Gone Green (2006)
iMDB Rating: 6.1

Date Released : 20 April 2007

Genre : Comedy, Crime

Stars : Paulo Costanzo, Steph Song, JR Bourne, Aidan Devine. Ryan, a good-natured slacker, is tempted into a money laundering scheme while working for a lottery magazine. A capitalistic comedy that asks the question - when is "enough" enough?" />

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Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Twenty-nine year old Vancouverite Ryan Arlen is floundering in life. As a result, his girlfriend dumps him, she kicks him out of their apartment, and he is suspended from his mindless office job all on the same day. But Ryan thinks his life is turning around when out of a fluke of circumstances he is offered a job working for the provincial lottery corporation, and his real estate developer brother, with who he has a somewhat strained relationship, allows him to be the live-in caretaker of an empty upscale condo complex. After the initial euphoria, Ryan questions whether these new situations are just a continuation of his boring middle class existence, especially when others around him, such as his parents (his father who also recently lost his job) and his best friend, a slacker named Spike, are displaying a new found entrepreneurial spirit regardless of the actual business ventures. So when Bryce, a golf course designer that he met recently, offers him a lucrative business ...

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A movie shot in Vancouver, actually about life in Vancouver

I saw this film at TIFF and I couldn't believe how well it captured Vancouver, the quiet star of the film. My criteria for evaluating a film is simple: would I recommend it to a friend? And, this is one film I would. As a former Vancouver resident I loved watching the nuances of life in the city captured on film. It's Vancouver as Vancouver, not New York or Chicago or Los Angeles. If you've never been or aren't familiar with West Coast life then it may seem a little strange...seriously, most Vancouverites could secretly admit to knowing someone in their group of family and friends who have a grow-op in the basement. The relationship between Ryan (Paul Costanzo) and Ming (Steph Song) is sweet and charming, and much like that of many typical Gen-X characters in Douglas Coupland's books. That said, if you're a Coupland fan, you'll love this film.

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