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Cellofan - med døden til følge (1998)Cellofan - med døden til følge (1998)
iMDB Rating: 4.9

Date Released : 28 August 1998

Genre : Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Stars : Andrine Sæther, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Svein Erik Brodal, Trond Brænne." />

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Review :

Country folks are evil

"Cellofan" was one of a number of thrillers produced in Norway during 97-98. They were all rather poorly executed. The problem here is the script, (by the usually reliable Leidulv Risan) which never convinces us all this could possibly happen.

The scene is a small rural community, (genuine "Deliverance"-territory!)" where the creepy inhabitants mumble and scowl their way through suggestive dialogue. The lately arrived big town-journo, Marianne, trying to rid her dying father of a murder suspicion, is meanwhile going around asking questions, putting on a face, and performing acts of incredible stupidity. More murders are committed. She keeps on asking questions. Marianne is, in fact, rather dim. Trying to root out the real murderer among the "country-folks", her methods of inquiry are vaguely reminiscent of those employed by Mickey Mouse, or rather Nancy Drew of Carolyn Keene fame, that is : Barge on in, and let EVERYONE know you are after something! All in all, Marianne gets nowhere for her troubles. Nearly killed, as a result of blithely failing to identify the killer, no audience on earth could deny she had it coming to her!

A case in point:

Marianne is staying at the only hotel in town. The killer has obligingly bored two spy-holes through the eyes of a Christ-portrait hanging on her wall, so he can observe her every move from an adjoining room. The spy-holes are huge and VERY visible, and the killer's eyes are swerving around all the time, but she never ONCE suspects what's going on.

What a doll!

"Cellofan" is a very stupid film with few redeeming features. It's also giving rural people a raw deal, depicting them as sleazy, secretive, inbred maniacs, a fact that didn't slip by the critics.

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